From Sweden to Kyiv will get 37,000 fans at Euro 2012

kiev toursA total of 37 000 Swedish fans are going to visit Kyiv in the group matches of Euro 2012. Most fans expected during the match Sweden - United Kingdom - about 15 thousand fans.

As the press service of Kyiv City State Administration, the Ukrainian capital Swedes offered several options for placing the fan camp. Now representatives of the Swedish parties are considering these proposals, and the point will be selected - will sign an agreement. As for the rent, the information you need Swedish fans can now be found at the host city.

According to the Kiev delegation that from 20 to 22 February was in Sweden, fans will be provided an appropriate level of security while in the Ukrainian capital. In addition, the more comfortable you enter a number of special programs. For example, visitors will be able to get only travel "combi-ticket" which will give the right if the ticket for the match in the capital of free travel from the international airport "Borispol" to Kyiv.

Interestingly, during a visit to Stockholm Ukrainian delegation also shared with the owners own experience as early as 2013, Stockholm adopt the European Football Championship Women.

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