Fule: Ukraine and the EU can sign the association agreement in autumn 2012

kiev toursFebruary 28. Ukraine and the EU can sign the association agreement this fall according to Stefan Fule, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European neighbourhood policy.

"As for the signing, I think it might be in autumn. Some Member States can say that after the elections", - he said and added that the initialling of the agreement is scheduled for next month.

According to Fule, "delays with the initialling were caused by "objective reasons", namely the need for legal review of all agreement’s text and approval of all items of its provisions in the final version.

Besides, as commissioner noted, after agreement initialling it will take some additional time for its translation into the official languages of the Member States before the signing. "Signing of the agreement in autumn is not the result of the political game" – added Fule.

On the 19 of December, 2011 during the EU-Ukraine summit in Kiev, President of the European Council Herman van Rompuy said that negotiations on an Association Agreement completed. But there weren’t signed any meaningful documents.


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