Georgia abolished visa regime with Russia

kiev toursMarch 1. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili spoke with the annual appeal "Status of the country," one of the key themes of which was the relations with Russia. Georgian leader declared a unilateral abolition of visa regime with Russia, calling it "good gesture" of Georgia. However, Tbilisi does not expect Moscow’s counter-moves, writes the "Kommersant".

"We are ready to give peace a chance – announced Saakashvili in his speech in the parliament on Tuesday night, quoting the text of the famous song of John Lennon – and unilaterally cancel visa regime with Russia to this end, to make more Russian tourists and businessmen to come to Georgia". Deputies met those words with a storm of applause. "Let every Russian businessman knows that there are no restrictions on the import or export of capital, no corruption, no lawlessness and banditry, no red tape – continued the President of Georgi. – Each Russian tourist will feel that Georgia is free from violence. Here they are free to drink wine and Borjomi, which they missed."

Experts in Tbilisi believe that by canceling the visa regime with Russia, President Saakashvili tries to solve several problems. "In the West this gesture will be taken as to confirm the desire to improve relations with Moscow – said an independent expert David Avalishvili. – And the gesture will be more spectacular, because Russia is unlikely to reciprocate." That soon will not, Most of the Georgian experts agree that Russia won’t cancel the visa regime with Georgia in the near future.

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