German economy is still able to maintain the total weight of the euro area

kiev toursFebruary 24. This opinion was expressed by Anna Bodrova, analyst of the "Investcafe".

The expert stresses that according to European Commission "euro-zone economy will slip back into recession this year, exactly in the Quarter 1 of this year, as the economic prospects of some countries (Greece, Spain and Italy) substantially worsen." "According to the announced forecast euro zone’s GDP will shrink by 0.3% in the current quarter, and up to 2012. The EU countries will show zero change in GDP this year," – said Bodrova.

She believes that "the prognosis is quite logical, especially when one considers that the main European countries now live in a regime of austerity measures taken in the economy, which will slow down the GDP and will have a significant impact on the overall state of the global European economy."

"In general, I expect eurozone’s GDP in the first quarter would be at around -0,1-0,2% of GDP, as the German economy, for example, is still able to maintain the total weight, but rollback will increase later. In the middle of the year eurozone’s GDP could be stable, weak growth could be in the third quarter, but index will be negative at an annual rate of 2012," – emphasizes the analyst.

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