Kiev is ready for Euro 2012 by 100%

kiev toursDeputy head of the Metropolitan City State Administration Anatoliy Holubchenko said that Kiev is ready to host matches of Euro 2012 by 100%.

"We are at 100%. Remained current issues, do not yet time. For example, it is too early to build a fan zone, it must equip with the May 20, considering Day of Kyiv, 1530 anniversary of the celebration which will take place also at the Independence Square . That is, we have planned, worked and look forward to May 20.

Further, the concept of security - it is completely ready, but in practice will start on June 7, 2012, from the moment we open the fan zone, and June 11 will play the first football match "- quoted Holubchenko Information Center" Ukraine-2012 ".

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196 countries have already bought tickets for Euro 2012

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