31.  The finalsale ofticketsof Euro 2012will take placein March
32.  "Friends of Syria" meeting in Tunis
33.  Fitch downgraded Greece to the C level: country's default is inevitable
34.  German economy is still able to maintain the total weight of the euro area
35.  Fatah and Hamas have had negotiations in Cairo
36.  Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has paid a visit to Rome for talks with his Italian colleague Mario Monti
37.  Sarkozy is eager to become the President again
38.  Mixed reaction of the Greeks on the bailout
39.  Mubarak, the former Egyptian dictator can go to prison or to be sent to the scaffold
40.  EU can impose new sanctions on Syria
41.  China: The actions of the West could lead to foreign intervention in Syria
42.  The U.S. military has called on Israel not to launch a military attack on Iran
43.  Iran could trigger nuclear arms race according to British Foreign Ministry
44.  Pakistan repeats condemnation of drone strikes
45.  Britain is going to send its warship to the Falkland Islands
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