kiev toursKiev - Ukraine's heart, the tourist and business center. Here the focus of the Embassy, the central government, various events are held nationwide and international scale. In Kiev attracts people from all over Ukraine to resolve their pressing issues, as well as many tourists, including foreigners. And everyone wants to bring a gift from Kiev yourself and loved ones. However, many of the guests of Kyiv tightly "trapped" in their desire to purchase gifts of time of arrival and departure of trains, minibuses and buses, arrival and departure of aircraft.

GRAND View in Kiev will help those who intend to leverage their time of stay in the capital of Ukraine: the time to visit as planned activities obligatory, and acquire a variety of products and services. And do it without wasting time in search of the necessary stores, mostly with a discount, and discount cards and not spending the extra money for a simple taxi.

Mitt Romney, candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination wins in Florida republican primary

Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor returned the lead in the presidential race.

The results of the republican primaries in Florida o
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For transportation of fans during Euro 2012 in Ukraine will be used around the clock train

For transportation of fans during Euro 2012 in Ukraine will be used both day and night trains. This is an interview with "facts," said Deputy Direc
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Tickets for the game of Euro 2012 on sale there are very few

In the final matches of European Football Championship in 2012 remained unfulfilled less than ten thousand tickets. This Information Center "Ukrain
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