The best NIGHT - kiev Party in June

kiev toursJune 15 at Crystal Hall performance is waiting for you Michael Feiner - Stars trendy Swedish house-scene, DJ and saxophonist, working with top artists in Europe. Feiner - producer and voice of many tracks Swedish House Mafia, shows the artist's truly worthy of the best clubs in the world. His unique style of performance, virtuosic playing technique, crazy energy and unique charisma make absolutely any cocktail party in an insane drive.

Line-up: MICHAEL FEINER (DJ Set + Live Performance), Diana Miro, New Jack, Misha Zaitsev.

(Login - UAH 150).

B.Assad rejects Arab League peace plans

Syria rejected the Arab League's wide-ranging new plan to end the country's 10-month crisis, saying the League's call for a national-unity governme
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As the first anniv
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Kiev - Ukraine's heart, the tourist and business center. Here the focus of the Embassy, the central government, various events are held nationwide
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