The EU hopes that the new pact will help their countries’ economies to grow

kiev toursMarch 2. Today 25 countries of the European Union have signed a so-called budget pact that strengthens financial discipline. EU leaders hope that this way Europe will accelerate economic growth and will avoid crises in future. Spain and the Netherlands also found out themselves in difficult economic situation.

"We do all this not because we like deficit reduction, not because we like reducing public debt, but because it enables economic growth and jobs creation" – said Herman Van Rompuy, European Council President explaining the purpose of the new agreement.

Czech Republic and Britain didn’t sign the agreement. David Cameron, the British prime minister, instead focus on another important issue of the summit:

"Assad regime brutally kills its own people. I have a clear message to the government of Syria. Make a choice: turn yourselves from this criminal regime, or face justice for the blood on your hands."

Among other things, the summit was announced that Athens fulfilled all the conditions for receiving the second package of financial assistance from the EU and the IMF. In general, the Brussels meeting was much less dramatic than other similar meetings over the past two years:

"It was relatively quiet summit. Its members could not offer anything new for Greece saving, but have tried to protect other countries from crisis. They were conducting a substantial reform of the Union without unnecessary noise. But it will be clear next week how large the debt of Greece is. And the question how to make ends meet will arise again for this country.

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