The stadium in Warsaw will still be open in time for

kiev toursFinal approval from the City Hall had been received at the last moment. Now actively preparing for the opening of the stadium, mounted the stage for the concert.

The National Stadium in Warsaw, which will pass the 2012 European championship matches in football, will be unveiled 01/29/2012

The new stadium in Warsaw was built on the site of the old stadium, which had long been in very poor condition, and at which place the last few years operated a huge market. Stadium scheduled to open as early as 2011, but construction workers repeatedly postponed the opening. Ambiguity existed in the open on a Sunday, but the mayor's office is almost at the last minute also gave permission.

Organizers presented the City Hall all the necessary documents for obtaining a permit, and the city allowed the event. At the moment, the stadium is mounting the stage. Despite the cold, organizers expect about 40,000 spectators. After the concert will be a huge fireworks display.

French genocide law declared unconstitutional - Sarkozy wants new law

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