What Leonardo Dicaprio Taught Us

Your girlfriend fell in love with him in 1996 in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet and then probably spent most of 1997 watching Titanic on repeat and hysterically crying as Rose says to Jack, ‘I’ll never let go’. And then let go.

Fast forward to the present day and Leo’s still clocking up the blockbusters and adoring female fans, which is handy for him as he admits to having a certain ‘weakness’ for Victoria’s Secret Models. Alas, don’t we all, Leo? Difference is, he actually dates them. So let’s sit up, look as sharp as Leo in The Wolf on Wall Street and learn from the man himself how to be utterly irresistible to women.


1. Drink Champagne

Hang up that comfy, trusty, reassuring pint of Fosters and up your game with champagne. Aside from exuding an air of wealth, it gives the impression of a refined, sophisticated gentleman, whose aim for the night is not just to get trashed and eat a kebab, but to quaff quality beverages and enjoy the true pleasures in life (even if you really want to get trashed and eat a kebab).

Leo regularly quaffed champers in The Great Gatsby, drunk from a champagne saucer for bonus points. The result? Carey Mulligan whispering “I wish I had done everything on earth with you”. Enough said.

2. Be a Momma's Boy

Women have adored this since the dawn of time - secondary to men holding babies (of course). It says a lot about how you treat the ladies.

Leo took his Mom to the Golden Globes and was swooned over for being such a good guy. Mom’s happy. The missus is happy. Inevitably, this makes life go a lot more smoothly. Don’t be too much of a Momma’s boy though – taking your washing home for Mum after the age of 21 is a massive turn-off.

3 . Do Charity Work

Doing good things for other people shows that you’re a generous and caring guy. The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation is ‘dedicated to protecting Earth’s last wild places and fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world’.

But more than just that old nonsense, he SAVES SHARKS. That’s some manly shit.

4. Don't Dismiss the Goatee

Looking wise, wealthy and handsome

The beard is back. Goatees are no longer exclusively reserved for Geography teachers and David Brent try-hard bosses. And let’s face it, we ain’t getting any younger. Man up; grow a goatee. Preferably get yourself photographed in black and white, looking inquisitive and slightly smug.

5. Lie

Remember what you were told when you were a young lad – lying is cool. You just have to do it properly and lie about massive things, like robbing a bank or fraud. In Catch Me If You Can, Leo plays a real-life conman who travels the world and successfully steals $2.5m. And the moral is… he’s so good at fraud that the FBI employ him as an agent. Win!

White lies are also okay, such as ‘Do you like my new shoes/my homemade lasagne/my mother?’ If they save hurt feelings, they could also count as charity work too, in a way.

6. Die

Romeo + Juliet.


Leo dies dramatically.

Ladies love it.

Not one to try in real life.

7. Don't Fear the Flat Cap

If you thought they were exclusively for farmers, then think again. They are also for serious thespians, musos and artists, which girls always fall in love with. Leo is often seen donning a flat cap on his off-duty wear, changing a simple jeans and t-shirt combo into an outfit that says ‘I know I’m at the supermarket, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still a performer’.

8. Suit Up

Yes, I know, my suit looks awesome

Admit it – Leo knows how to work a suit. Anyone who can wear a white suit and not look like a bad 1980s disco-pimp is doing something right. Playing a banker in The Wolf of Wall Street only confirmed this – this man even makes wide pinstripes look desirable.

And judging by the calibre of his conquests, they think so too.